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Client Policies & Procedures

Shared Responsibility between Clinton Veterinary Clinic and Client

The Veterinarian-Client-Patient-Relationship (VCPR) allows the doctors at Clinton Veterinary Clinic (“we,” “us,” or “our”) to examine, diagnose medical conditions, make medical judgments, and make recommendations to Our Clients (“you” or “your”) regarding the health of your pet(s).  This relationship is initiated with your pet(s)’ initial exam and should be continued by the doctor’s examination of your pet at least once annually.

We may terminate the VCPR if you engage in illegal activities with your pet(s) or abuse your pet(s), if you are argumentative with those attempting to provide care, fail to accept or follow our treatment recommendations to you regarding the health of your pet, fail to render payment at time of service, or you or your pet(s) exhibit unkind, aggressive, abusive, or harassing behavior (including name calling, profanity, yelling, or other forms of verbal abuse, engage in sexual harassment, physical abuse, or make threats of physical abuse) toward any of our team members or other clients while on our premises or publish negative reviews about your experience with us.  You may terminate the VCPR at any time by requesting your pet(s)’ records be transferred to another veterinary clinic.  If you terminate the VCPR and later choose to return to us for care, you will be considered a new client, and a new examination must be conducted in order to establish the VCPR.  If more than three years have passed between your pet(s) physical examination(s), you are considered a new client – during periods of high demand, we may not able to schedule new clients.  It is illegal for us to fill prescriptions written by doctors from other clinics.  It is also illegal for us to write prescriptions or sell prescription medications without a physical exam within the last year.

Pet Registration with Government Agencies

It is your responsibility to comply with all laws pertaining to your pet(s).  We will not collect any fees and will not be responsible for late fees assessed by any government.  We will not be responsible for any fines or late fees assessed as a result of non-compliance.

After Hours Care

Our doctors are not available to provide after hours care of pets.  Instructions for seeking after hours care are available by calling our office.  While our team conducts evening and weekend/holiday checks on some hospitalized patients, we are unable to provide 24 hour monitoring of hospitalized patients. You may ask us for a referral if 24 hour monitoring is desired.


While prescriptions from our doctors may be filled either in the building or through our online pharmacy, you may request a written prescription at any time.  We will fax any written prescription to one pharmacy of your choice one time.  Ultimately, we are not responsible for transmitting the written prescription to any pharmacy.  We will not authorize prescriptions by phone.  The written prescription will be available for pick up three business days after your request is made.  If a delay is anticipated (for example, if your pet(s) doctor is out of town), we will attempt to notify you by phone.


Children must be supervised by the parent or guardian while on our premises.  Certain appointments require a deposit equal to the current exam fee.  The deposit is either applied to the invoice that is generated during the appointment or is forfeited if a missed appointment is not canceled at least one business day prior.  A new deposit is then required to reschedule.  The following appointments require a deposit:

– Any new client

– Any appointment scheduled after a no call / no show

– Any behavior consult

– Any appointment scheduled for three or more pets.

Boarding and Grooming Facility Requirements

We do not offer boarding or grooming services.  It is your responsibility to ensure your pet(s) are adequately immunized prior to their entry into a boarding or grooming facility.  We recommend you:

– Contact the facility and ask about any requirements necessary for your pet(s) to enter the facility

– Discuss the requirements with your pet(s) doctor

– Review your invoice and follow up with the boarding or grooming facility to to ensure all requirements have
been met

We will not disclose vaccine history to any facility unless you have granted consent, either by your registration form or by contacting us by phone.  Consent cannot be granted by email.


– In order to protect the privacy of clients and patients, only our team members may take photographs or video while on clinic premises.

– We may record any phone call and retain a copy for at least thirty days.

– We may record any activity on our premises, including photographs or videos for security or for your pet(s)’ medical record.

 Fees and Credit

Payment is expected at the end of your appointment or prior to discharge of your pet.  Costs of services are available upon request.  We accept Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover for payment.  While we do not extend credit (payment plans), flexible financing options are available to qualified individuals through ScratchPay.  Details are available on their website:

Full payment must be received before products are dispensed or additional appointments are made.


We encourage you to explore insurance options for your pet.  A discussion of the benefits and limitations of pet insurance is available on our website.  If an insurance carrier requires more from the doctor than the medical record written during the appointment or a simple phone call, you will be billed for the time the doctor spends in communication with the insurance carrier.

Changes in Our Policies

An up to date copy of current policies is available on our website:

Notice of changes to these policies will be posted on our Facebook page: